Meet the Farmers


He grew up on a farm in Southern Ontario, helping his grandparents make hay, grow crops, tend goats, chickens and horses and doing all the work that comes with farming. Justin moved up to Ottawa for work but continued to help at local farms and now enjoys working on his own small farm.


She grew up in Montreal's west island and worked in several health food restaurants before taking on an internship at a small local farm in Clarence Creek and decided to become a farmer. Carly and Justin started Covenant Springs Farm in Pendleton in 2016.


Little farmer Dan was born and raised on Covenant Springs Farm. He loves growing flowers and tomatoes and helping with the old Ferguson tractor.


Little farmer Will is the resident fix-it man on the farm. He loves anything to do with building, tools and tractors, but is still happy to work at planting in the garden with mom.

Eugene, the youngest farm boy is his daddy's shadow. Always excited and ready for any chores, tractor or garden work