2023 CSA Membership

What is a CSA:
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, it is basically a subscription program connecting you directly to your farmer. By becoming a CSA member and purchasing a “share”, member receive a weekly basket of 8-12 different seasonal vegetables, grown organically (uncertified) at Covenant Springs Farm.

To us a CSA membership isn't just a weekly box of veggies. It's about building a relationship between the farmers who grow food and the eaters who enjoy it. With that in mind we also offers members a number of other benefits:

  • a 5% discount on everything our farm produces and sells
  • A $10 discount for each season for each child in your household under 18 years old
  • Weekly recipes and meal ideas
  • One free private family farm day for each household; come see the farm, let the kids play, feed the chickens, pet the dogs and enjoy a lunch with your farmers
  • One free workshop; learn how to can tomatoes, break down a chicken, blend up a great herb sauce to freeze or grow tour own sprouts at home

After all as a member, we want it to be your farm too. You get the opportunity to share in the season's abundance and occasionally its disappointments. 

Our CSA:
This Year we a switching to a 3 season CSA Model, Sign up for 1 season, 2 seasons or all 3 depending on your family's budget and needs. If you have your own garden you may want to skip the summer season, or if you use meal services during the school year you might want to pass on the Fall season. Whatever your situation you can select your shares for what best fits you.

  • Spring CSA - April 15 to July 1
  • Summer CSA - July 15 to Sep 16
  • Fall CSA - Sep 30 to Dec 2

Membership Fees:
CSA subscription this year are $365 for each season save $60 by signing up for all 3 seasons at once.

Traditionally in CSA programs members pay up front. This reduces the burden of up-front costs on the farmer for seeds, and reduces management and marketing costs. In exchange members get the freshest, best produce at a really good price and if we have a bumper crop of tomatoes members do too!


We know that paying up front can be a lot for many families to manage. So we do offer a number of installment payments options

  1. Pay for seasons 1 at a Time: sign up right away, but pay for each season only 2 weeks before it begins
  2. 2 payments: 1/2 your balance+$5 processing fee each, due at subscription and on July 15th

With both of these you can still take advantage of the family discount of $10/season for each child under 18.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or EMT


-The Farm in Curran on Fridays from noon-6:00pm

-Wendover Home Delivery Saturday before 8:00am

-The Cumberland Farmers Market Saturdays 9:00am-1:00pm - for our Farmers Market CSA

You are responsible for picking up your share during the designated pickup window, and if you cannot make it, it is your responsibility to send a friend or neighbor on your behalf. OR speak to us in advance about exchanging your basket that week for a market credit.

Risks & Rewards

Members of our CSA program purchase a share in our weekly harvest and in doing so gain the opportunity to share in the seasonal abundance. We promise to do our best to provide you with a bountiful share each week however Despite our best efforts, unfavorable weather, pests, or disease can interfere with our crops, and some vegetables may only be available in smaller quantities than intended, or not at all. By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to share the risk of crop failure with us and our other members, as well as the rewards for the whole season. 

Communicating with Us
The best way to communicate with us is via email. You can contact us by email at covenantspringsfarm@gmail.com We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

By purchasing a membership share, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. Please retain a copy of this agreement for your recorrecords

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