Plant Coop - Wholesale Group Buy

Plant Coop - Wholesale Group Buy

This collection is a group buy. Our farm is placing a large order from à wholesale supplier and are inviting our local community to share in the wholesale buy with us. 


This is a true coopérative group buy in which we will share the wholesale discounts we are getting with our local community. The prices you see are our cost (item cost + shipping) plus a 15% markup to pay for the time and materials required to organize, sort and package the individual orders.



By choosing to participate in this group buy you are recognizing that you are forgoing some of the guarantees, ease and services provided when you shop at a nursery business. In exchange you get to share in a wholesale discount. We are taking a small cut in this group buy, but it is not for profit. It simply covers extras to meet needed minimums and to compensate for some of the work that goes into making these group buys happen for the community. We do this as a service and a favor - not a business venture.

If any of these conditions make you uncomfortable please consider supporting your local nurseries instead of participating in this group buy.